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Because we focus on developing talent, we don't waste time finding it, it finds us.

Phatcamp is a talent development agency that helps students and young professionals making a career within the creative industries. We want to close the gap between this new generation and the actual work field by actively guiding them, feeding them with knowledge and also getting them to work. By doing so we are also a gateway to this talent for the industry itself. Everyday we are developing event crew, interns, freelancers and soon to be full-time employees. By personally coaching them and helping them gain the desired experience we are surround by a group of eager and intrinsically motivated youngsters that are ready to make their mark on the industry.

Find out more about our way of


Throughout the year we organize a load of events during which our community learns from professionals. We organize workshops, backstagetours and conferences that are accessable for all who desires to join.



Are you almost finished with your study and are you looking for that final push to get you where you want to be? Do you like to see what your favorite event professional is doing during a work day? Are you ready to dive into the work field and observe, feel and smell your professional career? Then this program is for you!


We believe there is a place and time to learn in the field and there is a place and time to educate yourself from the comfort of your own home or whenever you are on the road. We share talks, interviews and Q&A's with our network on Spotify and Youtube.


Every semester we guide a group of students towards the internship of their dreams. We guide them through the industry and themselves for them to discover what it is they want to do during this promising period


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