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We believe no one is ever really done learning. That is why we make sure that in every job our freelancers seize the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Talent development

We believe the work field is the best school there will ever be. In addition to that, no one is really ever done learning right? That is why when we match a freelancer from our community to a cool job we make sure this person has everything you could need to nail it. Together we make a plan to both execute the job very well and seize the opportunity for growth. We team up the freelancer with an experienced mentor and get our personal leadership coach involved with whom the freelancer can work on personal development too.

How we develop Talent

career plan

By knowing how the freelancers in our learning community want to develop themselves, we can help them find ways to do so through events, content and jobs. 


Every time we match a freelancer to a project, we link them to an experienced mentor too. A professional that has over 5 years of experience within that specialism who they can share ideas and thoughts with regarding their work.


We believe every project van be seen as an opportunity for personal growth too. That is why we offer every freelancer thats works via Phatcamp the opportunity to work on their development with our personal leadership coach.

Work &

Actually working will be the best education one will be able to get. That is why we constantly look for projects our community can work on.

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