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Because we focus on developing talent, we don't waste time finding it, it finds us.



Phatcamp is the homebase for everyone who wants to make a step within or towards to the creative industry. It does not matter if someone has loads of experience or none. It just makes for a different approach. What is not different is how we start. We always start with a personal approach as what it is we do for someone is fully based on someones professional ambitions, interests and of course experience. From there we figure out how to assist in someones development by both sharing knowledge and facilitating in work experience.

Knowledge & skills


Sharing knowledge &
Developing skills

If we know someones ambition, we know how to help. An important factor in career development will always be gaining new knowledge. We initiatie a wide variety of events, trainings and workshops to help our community gain new insights and learn about their trade. Sharing stories and knowhow with the next generation is key to helping them find a way to make their mark on the industry.

getting to work


Getting to

Knowledge is great, network is too but without actual work experience it is still just that. Actually getting out there, learning in the field from more experienced pro's will always be the best education one can get. That is why we help our whole community with getting to work. We help event crew to work, mediatie internships for students, get freelancer onboard of cool projects and help ambitious professionals get new jobs. That way we offer our community the golden cocktail of new knowledge, a bigger network and the essential experience to become the professional they desire te be.


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