All of our crew dreams of working in the industry. That makes for intrinsically motivated crew that sees every job as a learning opportunity.

Talent development

The event crew in our learning community consists of beginners and experienced professionals and everything in between. What they all have in common is that they dream of working in the creative industries. Everyday new students join us to work on their career besides their event or media studies. That is how we have been building a crew base for event production, artist handling, event management and hospitality that can assist during any kind of event.


How we develop Talent


career plan

We know everyone in our community. Who they are, what they like and what kind of professional they want to become. That is how we guide everyone in a way that suits their goals and dreams

Trainings &


We are constantly looking for ways to share industry knowledge with the new generation. Every month we organize events to help our event crew discover the industry and work on their production and artist handling skills.



no one knows everything but together we can achieve a lot. That is why we not only share our network with our community, our community shares its network with each other too. That is how we can all help each other achieving our goals.

Work &


Work experience might be the most essential element in one's development as a professional. That is why for everyone in our event crew we constantly look for relevant work that matches their ambition and level of expertise.


Nick de Vree

TAPT Events

We have been working with Phatcamp for a couple of years already. After doing artist handling jobs via Phatcamp myself, I also started working with their crew and freelancers for my own festivals which now take place in over 8 cities annually. It's great to have an organization that is able to help me out with freelancers that are super motivated and eager to learn. I feel the right mentality and motivation are key to any successful partnerships and exactly that is what always seems to work out well if we work with Phatcamp.

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