With our Tomorrows Tastemakers programwe guide students towards doing the best possible internship they can.

Talent development

Internships are a vital part of every professionals career development. A great opportunity to get in the field and truly experience what it is like to work within the field of your choice. But where should you apply? What company suits you well and in what role can you thrive as an upcoming pro? To know that you need to know both the world you are going to work in as who you are yourself. Those are the fields we guide the participants of tomorrows tastemakers through. We help them discover for themselves what it is they should do as their first real step within the industry, after which we help them land the internship of their dreams through our internship recruitment.

How we develop Talent



We start every program with a personal intake of every participant. By knowing where they are in their development we, together, can determine where the opportunities for growth lie.

10 group


During 10 group sessions we go through topics several ways in which the participants can work on developing a growth mindset, be a team player and make the right choices

5 months


to track and also stimulate the right progression we have individual talks with all participants. Together with our leadership coach we work on both their 

professional as personal development.



The end goal is clear. Doing an internship that will be the perfect building block within the participants' careers. From day one we start exploring what internship that would be to make sure we recruit the students for the right partner.



Tomorrows Tastemakers is a 5 month program in which we guide promising second year students towards the internship of their dreams. We feel internships are a great way to make your first mark on the industry so we better make it count. To find the right spot you need to know what is out there and what matches you. That is what we will be discovering in 10 sessions we host together with befriended professionals who have found their spot already.



What the participants say



Great program that really helped me find my direction within this industry. I was surprised by how my personal development was so linked to finding a proper internship too!



I am glad I was able to follow the tomorrow's tastemakers program as I was still doubting where to focus on for my third year internship. The program guided my next step.



I was not 100% sure what to do with my third year internship as I was not fully aware of all the options. I am happy the program helped me to broaden my perspective.



Finding the right internship is something a lot of students struggle with I think. You almost never know if an internship fully suits your ambitions. Luckily Phatcamp was able to help me out with my decisions. 

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