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Our community is full of people looking for new professional opportunities and we help them finding the job that will help them towards this next step.

Talent development

Every one in our community is looking for opportunities to grow. Throughout those years we have guided them and helped them develop their skills, grow their network and gain necessary  experience. It would only make sense for us to help them land new jobs too. We recruit new manpower for a wide variety of partners and look for people that match the job, qualifications and also organizational culture.

How we develop Talent


We know our community and what it is they want to become. From there we find them whatever tools they need to eventually land their dream job


During our group sessions we go through several ways in which the participants can work on developing a growth mindset, be a team player and make the right choices


to track and also stimulate the right progression we have individual talks with all participants. Together with our leadership coach we work on both their 

professional as personal development.


The end goal is clear. Landing a job that will be the perfect building block within the participants' careers. From day one we start exploring what job that would be to make sure we recruit them for the right partner.

What our community says


I found my way through the event industry via Phatcamp. That is how I found out what I like about this industry and how well this world suits me. I learned a lot about working in events though artist handling jobs like stagemanagement. It was a very valuable and educational period that helped me grow towards to job I now have because Phatcamp introduced me as a project management candidate at Playground brand activations. Still in the events industry, just in a different organization.

Project manager  Playground Brand activation


I started my career with Phatcamp as an artist runner. From there I gained experience in the field of artist handling as a stagemanager too and even grew towards to the role of coördinator. From there Phatcamp proposed me as kandidate for the job of artist handling manager at Apenkooi events who hired me recently to work there full time. 

Artist handling manager  Apenkooi events

Looking for talent?


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