Because we focus on developing talent, we don't waste time finding it, it finds us.

Phatcamp is a talent development agency that helps students and young professionals making a career within the creative industries. We want to close the gap between this new generation and the actual work field by actively guiding them, feeding them with knowledge and also getting them to work. By doing so we are also a gateway to this talent for the industry itself. Everyday we are developing event crew, interns, freelancers and soon to be full-time employees. By personally coaching them and helping them gain the desired experience we are surround by a group of eager and intrinsically motivated youngsters that are ready to make their mark on the industry.

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Phatcamp is de thuisbasis voor een nieuwe generatie event en entertainment professionals. We zijn altijd bezig om hen middels ons platform te verrijken met kennis, netwerk en werkervaring. Hierin werken we samen met verschillende partijen uit zowel het onderwijs als het werkveld. Samen reiken we de nieuwe generatie de juiste bouwstenen aan om op een bewuste manier te bouwen aan de ontwikkeling van hun professionele carrière. 

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From event support to production and from artist handling to hospitality. We have a big community of intrinsically motivated crew from beginner level to experienced professional.




Every semester we guide a group of students towards the internship of their dreams. We guide them through the industry and themselves for them to discover what it is they want to do during this promising period


We have a rich community of freelancers that includes both managers as makers like event managers, media producers, marketers, copywriters etc. Be sure to get in touch if you are in need of talented freelancers so we can match you to the best possible fit.


Everyone in our community will get to a point where they become a professional. We help both them as our partners to find the best match. We know who they are and what they are looking for so the only logical result is a true match.





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